Universal Declaration of Human Rights

illustration book cover hand with dove
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This book is a celebration of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Through illustration, I aimed to transform a legal document into an enjoyable little book. Also, I contributed a short essay about the Declaration at the end of the book.

illustration hands hold person with wings
The right to life, liberty and security
illustration bound hands
Freedom from slavery and servitude
illustration man with whipped back
No torture or degrading punishment
illustration court trial
The right to a fair trial
illustration footsteps
The right to freedom of movement
illustration refugee fleeing from bombing
The right to asylum from persecution
illustration couple holding hands
The right to get married
illustration head with flowers
Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
illustration people in row boat
Duties to the community

I started this project when I could not find a copy of the Declaration of Human Rights in print anywhere (except as a poster). It occurred to me that the Declaration was widely revered but rarely ever read, and I tried to think of a way to make this document more easily available and accessible. The result is this small book, which was first published in association with Amnesty International on the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration’s proclamation.