Editorial: Relationships & Health

illustration woman with hollow heart

Heart problems
Putting your life back together after a heart attack


illustration Pinocchio woman

Living with compulsive liars


Man sitting on rain cloud

The joy of seeing other people suffer


illustration CT scan cash register

About the high cost of medical imaging


illustration Red Riding Hood and wolf

Alone in the woods
The trials and fears experienced during puberty


illustration woman starngling man

When a clingy partner leads to problems


illustration uprooted shrub

Leaving one’s home is not always an easy step


illustration broken snow dome with house

Steps to freedom
When it’s time to leave a broken home


illustration woman at gravestone

About a woman who cannot get over a loved one’s death


illustration hands pointing everywhere

How to find your own way when everyone tells you what to do


illustration man with peacock tail

People who are in love with themselves


illustration storm clouds over head

Storm clouds
Overcoming depression


illustration couple on Tinder

Dating apps
The role of mobile phone apps in the world of casual dating