Editorial: Around the world

illustration tourist riding snail

Slow motion
For an article on slow travel


illustration man with book as wings

Up and away
Travel literature and guide books


illustration woman pushing luggage trolley with toothbrush

Bare essentials
The best ways of travelling light


illustration cricket bat and baseball cap

The history (and demise) of cricket in America


illustration Russian doll with artists and police

Russian doll
Despite strict societal control, the Moscow arts scene is vibrant


illustration man in German folk dress with clown nose

Teutonic clowning
About German humour


illustration man in robot suit

The author visits a robot manufacturing plant in Japan


illustration jockey on hippopotamus

African admin
European expats in Africa trying to impose their standards


illustration empty cement mixer in African landscape

For an article on an abandoned resort building project in Uganda


illustration mittens holding hands

“Hyggelig” – the Danish concept of coziness


illustration peace dove on coffee pot

Coffee time
About a lively café in Baghdad which continues despite bombings


illustration city being zipped open for cars

Gliding through
Are motorcades in the U.S. better or worse than in other countries?


illustration Napoleon riding on a horse skeleton

Bonaparte’s steed
For an article on the skeleton of Napoleon’s horse Marengo