Editorial: Pets & Gardening

illustration bird with hearing aid

Calls of small birds are decreasing in Australia’s dawn chorus


man on branch with bird

Competitive bird watchers and their methods


illustration man watching bird with telescope

More on ultra-serious birdwatchers


illustration cat with man in mouth

Cat and mouse
Do we own cats or do they own us?


illustration dog with night vision goggles

Super senses
How dogs’ senses are vastly superior to humans’


illustration man with watering can as a head

Water wise
Thinking about methods to conserve water in the garden


Man fighting lantana with a sword

Getting rid of garden weeds can be tricky


illustration thirsty plant crawling

Watering your pot plants properly


Man contorting himself in the garden

How do you avoid stepping on your plants when gardening?


illustration chickens on deck chairs

Chickens off the lay…


illustration gardner with balaclava

Backyard fighter
For an article on guerrilla gardening


Nelson's column with garden

Nelson’s column
On community gardens in London