Editorial: Business & Finance

illustration businessman stacking houses

Stacked housing
Building high-rise housing on a single block


Stack of documents chopped by axe

The chop
Axing amendments to the Australian Corporations Act


Uncle Sam holding up large Dollar coin

Heavy change
The US government produced unwanted and useless Dollar coins


illustration investment tools

Investment technology
How to create an investment platform

Space payments
PayPal Galactic – developing a payment method used in space tourism


illustration tiny Robin Hood

Robin Hood tax
A proposed micro tax on financial transactions


illustration protesting homebuyers on large key

On the barricades
First home buyers angry about constant price rises


Couple in tug-of-war

Divorce between wealthy international couples can be complicated



Hong Kong family in paper plane

Up and away
Overseas investment possibilities


illustration man in storm of paperwork

Documentation requirements can be overwhelming


illustration maze with money at centre

Entering the maze
Complex investment opportunities


illustration man with brain and heart visible

Head or heart?
Investing with your brain rather than you emotions


Squirrel in business suit

Hidden goodies
People who squirrel their money away in Switzerland


illustration man with U-turn sign

Staying the course is often the best


illustration miner with dead canary

Bad news for mining shares