Books for children

Wesley Booth Super Sleuth
By Adam Cece

Hub Hill Primary School is in the grip of a crime wave. Bumbling Wesley Booth thinks he is a super sleuth, and this is his biggest (and first) real case. He has to deal with an arch enemy (new-girl-at-school Cassidy Strong), traitorous friends and incompetent assistants, prison warden parents, a client who wants to snap him in half like a stick and over eighty-one million suspects.












Joachim Ringelnatz

Nonsense poems by the German writer, painter and satirist Joachim Ringelnatz. Ringelnatz (his real name was Hans Bötticher) was a famous cultural figure during the Weimar Republic years. His whimsical poems and stories often feature adventures and observations from his travels as a seafarer.


The song of the sea cow


Ode to my cactus


Carps for dinner


Wrestling match


The tipsy snail


Writing by Aboriginal students

An anthology of short writing by Aboriginal children. Students at Hebersham primary school developed short peaces of writing during workshops with author and artist Dub Leffler. The result are these vignettes – sometimes funny, sometimes sad or poignant. Published by Westwords, an organisation that promotes and supports literature in and from Western Sydney.