Books for adults

How Rude!
Modern manners defined

A book about manners seems old-fashioned – frock coats, curtseys and fish knives are not part of people’s lives any more. But what about good manners while driving a car? Or at the cinema? And what about etiquette in the office? How should you behave at the beach or in the gym? In In this collection of essays, various authors explore good and bad manners in our modern world.

illustration cover How Rude

illustration old woman being snipped away by hand

Respect for the old


illustration parents with rotor blades

Helicopter parents


illustration boy peeing against statue

Are heroes and role models necessary?


Man on underground train with megaphone

How to behave on public transport


illustration woman with outrageous hat

Hats at the horse races


illustration pig eating at table

Modern table manners


Dealing with snobby shop assistants


The Art of Effective Conversation
By Ulrike Batholomäus

Communication is more than just speaking. In this book on communication skills for business and everyday life, the author explores how we speak to each other – with words and through our behaviours.

Book cover Mosaik Gute Gespraeche

illustration captain

Adventurous alphas


illustration man with oyster for head



illustration flowers coming from mouth

Communicative people


Speech bubble steamroller

The lecturing bore


Seated body language


More seated postures and what they say about you


Hand gestures: openness and the controlled right over left hand


illustration gestures

Nervous face touching and a calm hand position


Take Me Away
The Big Issue Fiction Edition

I admit – not really a book project, but a fantastic example of a very rare species: illustrated fiction for adults. It would be wonderful to see more illustrated books for grown-ups.
Every year, the Big Issue Australia publishes a collection of short fiction. I was asked to illustrate the entire issue, with full page colour illustrations accompanying every story.

Cover Big Issue Fiction edition

illustration man standing in water

Story about a seaside encounter with an Aboriginal man


illustration glasses

Six friends have an awkward meeting at a pub


illustration flying heart

A story about organ donation and transplants


illustration flying man

The flying door-to-door salesman


illustration woman cycling on balloon

Unrequited love of a woman for a balloonist


illustration hands in bowl

Exploring the past through grandma’s cooking